Make Today Amazing!

My friends would say that I am a journal/planner addict. I disagree.

Sure, I can’t walk pass any stationery store without going inside. Sure, my heart skips several beats at the sight of cute journals and my eyes light up uncontrollably ,the same way the eyes of small children do when they see an ice cream cone or their favourite snack, when I see new stock in the Hallmark store.

Yes, I currently have 3 2019 journals (and I use all 3 of them btw) and I have so many journals I haven’t written or found a purpose for half of them yet but trust me it’s just a healthy and quite justifiable love for writing. Journals and planners are just the tools I use.

Furthermore, If I’m addicted to something it might as well be books.

Books with empty pages have and will always capture my attention. They signify endless possibilities for my words and thoughts. Writing takes me to places I couldn’t get to by other ordinary tools or by any means of transport. Writing gets to the heart and soul of my thoughts and imagination. For me to write is to live.

Just about an hour ago I bought 2 journals. The first said ” Make Today Amazing” and the other “Ridiculously amazing notes”.

The one titled “Make Today Amazing” specifically spoke to me.

As a lover of quotes and all things positive. I live for short inspiration quotes and this one was perfect for today.

After all it’s Friday. the day we all look forward to because it signals the weekend. The day that can sometimes seem longer than a Monday.

So even though you make be dragging through the day, even if you’re having a crappy day, you still have a few hours to turn it around and ” Make Today Amazing”! So get to it I know you can. Finish the week strong !

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