Stress tips !!!

Last night concluded an extremely stressful work week. I was feeling extremely ‘out of it’ but I still managed to drag myself to my 6:30 spin class and somehow made it through. I rushed home and when I got there I gathered all the energy I could muster and drew a warm bubble bath , stripped and got in it and just lay there.

The seconds turned into minutes, the minutes into an hour , and somehow all the stresses and stressors of the week seemed to disappear in those quiet moments. I had purposely left my phone in my bag in my room and even if it not there was no way I was letting anyone for whatever reason interrrupt my “me time“.

When I finally emerged from that bath over an hour later I felt like an entirely new person ready to take on the world and work again. Why am I oversharing you may ask? Simple ! I believe we all need to find our destressers!

I have several destressors. And they rank in order of the severity of the stress level.

  1. Watch my all time favourite comedy ;Hangover 1. You CANNOT be stressed while watching Hangover.
  2. Binge watch a funny show like Black-ish or catch up on Catfish. Refer to the rationale for number 1.
  3. Go to the movies alone; Popcorn,nachos, salsa, a smoothie and a good laugh always manage to help me put my life in perspective.
  4. Beach days with friends or solo beach days are also a great for destressing.
  5. Spa days are second to none. I mean who can turn down a nice relaxing spa day whether alone or with close friends.
  6. Read a new book. This works for me because I’m big on reading but I acknowledge it’s not for everyone.
  7. My all time favourite destresser is Icecream. I mean, Who doesn’t like icecream? And more importantly who can be stressed while sitting over a tub of haagen dazs ice cream , preferably dulce de leche( arguably the best flavour in the world).

Maybe you’ve had a rough week like I’ve had or maybe you’re having a rough couple of weeks or even months. Maybe you’ve been feeling frustrated , insecure depressed or are just overly stressed. Whatever it is I’m sure it won’t seem so big when you’re stuffing your face with icecream or lying in a warm bubble bath with some soothing music playing. Trust me!

And guess what ? It’s Friday so the week is almost over.

Treat yourself this weekend!

Destress in any way you deem best ! ( I just rhymed there lol … some would call it poetic)

Enjoy your Weekend Loves ! xoxo