Surviving The Pandemic!

If you live on Planet Earth , I’m sure you are aware that the hot topic for the last couple of months has been COVID-19. Most if not all countries have urged persons to stay indoors for their own safety. Introverts all over the world are shouting for joy and living their best lives indoors as they have always been; playing video games , chilling and just being at peace being alone.

Meanwhile all over the world there is another group of persons , a very dangerous group of persons. This group isn’t a danger to others , no they are a danger to themselves. This group , which I also fall into are the extroverts.

If you are extroverted and like myself forced to stay indoors you may be living your worst nightmare and I’m not even speaking about COVID-19 which is extremely scary, I mean being indoors.

I am in no way seeking to downplay the seriousness of the Pandemic, I am simply genuinely concerned about my fellow extroverts who like need social energy and activity to thrive. So I decided to share a few tips on surviving indoors in this crisis:

1 Netflix

Netflix has been a tremendous comfort for me. Thanks to Netflix I have been able to binge watch Money Heist as soon as it came out and watched Self Made and the first season of Toy Boy in one day. Plus , the Netflix suggestions are perfect for me and a good show or movie is literally just a few clicks away and can be viewed from the comfort of your laptop , tablet or smartphone. Netflix is a definite must have for me.

2 Good Books

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good book. I am the person that gets so immersed in a good book that time stands still. I’m currently reading The Big Picture by Ben Carson , which is a must read and thankfully I have loads of other good books to read as I will be reading 20 new books for this year.

3 Games

I don’t know where I’d be mentally if not for my board games that also help keep my mind intact. I have been playing Scrabble , Monopoly, Jenga , Taboo and Uno with my family at home for the past couple weeks and crushing them. I also play Words with friends online. This is not only fun but lends to great family time , and if your family is as competitive as mine it will be awesome.

4 Plan

I am a planner and journal addict by nature , and the break from work has given me the opportunity to sit back and work on a plan for work , my charity and other endeavors on my return. It gives me a chance to sit back and review what I have accomplished for the year , what I wish to accomplish and to develop a more effective plan going forward.

5 Me Time

When work and life gets busy sometimes it’s hard to fit time in for ourselves. But we have endless me time now. So make the most of it because eventually things will get busy again and you’ll have to make time for me time.

6 Family Time

Anyone who knows me knows I’m big on family. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having all of our immediate family members living together or alive , but for those of us who do let’s make the most of them. Have a movie night , have a game night. You have time ! There is nothing more important than family.

7 Exercise

I’ve seen several memes suggesting that when persons come out of quarantine their summer bodies will be a thing of the past but I refuse to let that be me. It has been hard but I’d been forcing myself to make healthy eating choices and to maintain my workout regime though I’m stuck at home. I bought healthy quarantine snacks and have been drinking my water and working out on evenings and I plan to keep it up. So if you’re getting bored at home do a little 10 minute workout. It will make you feel and look better.

8 Sleep

Those who know me know that sleep comes to the top of my list of values. I really value my sleep and I’ve been getting in lots of sleep and now you have the chance too as well. I generally need 10 hours sleep per night to be my beautiful self but I’ve been glowing cause I’ve been getting way more than that. If you feel like you are losing it, take a deep breath , climb into bed and get some rest.

I know there are persons out there who can totally relate to this blog, and I know that most extroverts like me are creative and have already devised plans to survive this time of crisis and I know we will all make it and come out stronger than ever. But if you aren’t coping well, I hope one of these tips helped.

As always , Be safe , Please stay indoors and when you need to go outdoors please adhere to the rules of social distancing. We will come out of this pandemic stronger guys ! ✊🏾

Have a great day loves.

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