Finally Vegan !

Those who would’ve read my blog on how I became Pescatarian would recall that I tried to become vegan early last year but failed miserably because I was ill prepared. But this year , July 1st , I took the dive again and so far I’ve been swimming pretty well.

I’ve always wanted to become Vegan. My mother, as in most areas of my life has been my biggest influence. She has been vegan for over 30 years and just leads a very healthy lifestyle, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen her eat any type of junk food , EVER . This lady has no cheat days. When offered stuff she doesn’t eat , she always says “ my body is my temple and certain things don’t go into my body”.

Also , as I mentioned before, I did my research and there is scientific evidence to prove that a diet devoid of animal products is not only healthier but it reduces the risk of several diseases including Cancer , which I’ve lost persons to and have watched family members grapple with. So for me , it’s personal.

This time I wasn’t going to fail again. I wasn’t going to go in cold turkey so I paced myself. I began by cutting dairy from my diet. This was really hard at first. I’ve always had a love hate relationship with cheese. My favourite dish in my Twenties has been Alfredo Pasta and I couldn’t imagine life without it , but after eating cheese dishes like Alfredo Pasta and Macaroni pie , I’d always feel lethargic and just be forced to sleep or atleast lie down. When I took dairy , especially cheese out of my diet , I realized a drastic difference in the way I felt.

Normally I’d feel very lethargic after meals comprising of dairy but when I cut it out completely I can’t recall the last time I’ve wanted to sleep after a meal. I have way more energy now , hence I’ve be working out daily and hiking 2 day’s a week.

After cutting dairy from my diet , I began to try some vegan dishes I saw online. Some of them I loved. I’ve been trying different tofu recipes and most are actually pretty good. I eventually started to get tired of fish which I had already cut to about 2 or 3 times a month. So giving up fish was pretty easy for me. I did my research to ensure I found proper protein replacements and I let that go.

My aim is to keep my diet mostly organic , i.e fresh fruits and vegetables as I want to avoid processed foods as they aren’t particularly healthy.

My journey has just began but I’m determined to keep going. It’s day 13 of forever , and my only regret is that I didn’t begin this journey earlier.

As usual , have a great day loves. xoxo