About me

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Here’s a bit about me.

I am a 28 year old Attorney-at-Law /Entrepeneur/Philanthropist/Poet/Writer/Blogger from the beautiful island of Barbados. I have always been torn between my passion for Law and my passion for Literature and writing. I was so torn that I studied both Literature and Law at College but thereafter decided to pursue a career in Law. I’ve never lost my passion for writing though as I am a natural planner, poet and writer. I actually started my first blog in 2016 while I attended law school in the hopes of creating a balance and to relieve my mind of the pressures of school. However, I developed a deep appreciation for blogging and have been blogging since.

I am a planner , a dreamer and a lover of chummy and romantic stuff. I am also very deep and insightful. I have often been known to be a blurter of deep quotes and advice. If you stay tuned, I may surprise you.