2020 isn’t over yet !

2020 is not over yet !

It’s only May. It’s only the 5th month. We still have 7 months left to make a come back !

I acknowledge that this has been a rough year thus far for a lot of persons. We are living in the midst of a pandemic. I know a lot of persons are unemployed , stressed , low on funds , maybe just feeling a bit depressed.

But if you are reading this; you have life and that means there is hope! It is time to wake up , take off those sweats, shower , put on something cute and make a plan!

You’re probably thinking, it’s easier said than done right ?! Wrong. It can be easily done , but you have to make the first step!

Regardless of how dire your situation, how depressed you may feel or how high the bills may have piled. The fact that you are alive is proof that you a survivor. You can and will survive this !

Last week I posted this meme …

As I looked at my vision board and goals board this morning this definitely rang true. This year has not been going as planned.

I recall at the beginning of the year how thrilled I was to start a new decade. Then Covid-19 came in like a great wrecking ball and just turned the entire world into chaos. It has definitely been the greatest nightmare of my life and the lives of many others.

But when I look at my goals board I don’t think to myself “ damn I didn’t accomplish number 3 or 4 by March , so I’ll give up on the other 15 goals”. I see it as a challenge to be conquered. I am willing and ready to take on whatever else 2020 has in store.

I will not surrender ! I will not give up ! No weapon or pandemic formed against me shall prosper! I will finish this year strong !

Guess what ? You can do the same !

I hope this inspired someone today to get up and fight. 2020 is not over, It has only just begun!

Have a great day and a great remainder of the year ! Be blessed ! Finish the year strong !

How I Became Pescatarian.

Those who have been following my weight loss journey know that it’s been a long 2 years. It’s been 2 years of my weight fluctuating after I put on those 30extra pounds during law school.

About 2 years ago I decided I was focusing too much on weightloss and needed to focus on a healthier lifestyle. This realization came after a close relative was diagnosed with cancer and one of my closest friends was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

When I began my journey I was obsessed with weight loss , and even more obesesed with quick and easy weightloss. I tried tons of diets which made me lose weight quickly, sometimes in as little as three (3) days but the weight would return as soon as I went back to my regular eating habits.

I began doing tons of research on both areas and realized that these non communicable diseases like most others can sometimes be attributed to diet and lifestyle. I noticed certain things in my diet that could lead to these types of diseases and immediately decided a lifestyle change was needed . I gradually cut all meat except fish out of my diet. On July 6th 2018 , I became fully pescatarian.

I also cut a lot of the junk food out of my diet and started a more organic diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables. I also limited my use of flour and if I do use it , it’s whole-wheat or multigrain. I cut a lot of sugar out of my diet and my sugar intake generally comes from fruits or all natural fruit smoothies.

Early last year I tried to go vegan ‘cold turkey’ and lasted about three (3) days before feeling really ill. I was unprepared and had not done adequate research to make such a drastic change.

I stuck with being pescatarian for the remainder of the year. This year I decided I wanted to become vegan and I was going to do it before my next birthday. At the beginning of last month I cut dairy out of my diet completely after several attempts this year. I am currently trying vegan dishes so that when I cut fish out of my diet I already have dishes that I will enjoy. I plan to completely cut fish out of my diet at the beginning of July. So stay tuned.

So to make a long story short ; After two years of crazy dieting, I’ve been losing weight and maintaining my weight not by dieting but by simply loving myself enough to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

For those who may be wondering if I miss meat. Absolutely not ! I honestly believe I’d become ill if I attempted to eat meat at this stage. I am extremely turned off by the smell of meat and have decided that meat tops the list of things that have no place in my body.

I love the pescatarian lifestyle , and so far the vegan lifestyle, as I have basically started already since I only have fish on the weekend as I transition into full veganism.

Since I started this lifestyle. I feel healthier, I feel fitter and I’m honestly happier. Since I changed to a healthier lifestyle I’m usually more energetic after meals and pumped for my morning jogs and evening workouts.

I am not trying to convert anyone to my new found love for veganism. But this year is about self love, and because I love myself I refuse to be a slave to my body or my poor eating habits of the past. I hope that I may have touched or encouraged someone to make healthy eating choices too , even if it’s as simple as substituting a snicker bar for a bar of granola.

As always, be blessed and have a great day loves. xoxo

Surviving The Pandemic!

If you live on Planet Earth , I’m sure you are aware that the hot topic for the last couple of months has been COVID-19. Most if not all countries have urged persons to stay indoors for their own safety. Introverts all over the world are shouting for joy and living their best lives indoors as they have always been; playing video games , chilling and just being at peace being alone.

Meanwhile all over the world there is another group of persons , a very dangerous group of persons. This group isn’t a danger to others , no they are a danger to themselves. This group , which I also fall into are the extroverts.

If you are extroverted and like myself forced to stay indoors you may be living your worst nightmare and I’m not even speaking about COVID-19 which is extremely scary, I mean being indoors.

I am in no way seeking to downplay the seriousness of the Pandemic, I am simply genuinely concerned about my fellow extroverts who like need social energy and activity to thrive. So I decided to share a few tips on surviving indoors in this crisis:

1 Netflix

Netflix has been a tremendous comfort for me. Thanks to Netflix I have been able to binge watch Money Heist as soon as it came out and watched Self Made and the first season of Toy Boy in one day. Plus , the Netflix suggestions are perfect for me and a good show or movie is literally just a few clicks away and can be viewed from the comfort of your laptop , tablet or smartphone. Netflix is a definite must have for me.

2 Good Books

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good book. I am the person that gets so immersed in a good book that time stands still. I’m currently reading The Big Picture by Ben Carson , which is a must read and thankfully I have loads of other good books to read as I will be reading 20 new books for this year.

3 Games

I don’t know where I’d be mentally if not for my board games that also help keep my mind intact. I have been playing Scrabble , Monopoly, Jenga , Taboo and Uno with my family at home for the past couple weeks and crushing them. I also play Words with friends online. This is not only fun but lends to great family time , and if your family is as competitive as mine it will be awesome.

4 Plan

I am a planner and journal addict by nature , and the break from work has given me the opportunity to sit back and work on a plan for work , my charity and other endeavors on my return. It gives me a chance to sit back and review what I have accomplished for the year , what I wish to accomplish and to develop a more effective plan going forward.

5 Me Time

When work and life gets busy sometimes it’s hard to fit time in for ourselves. But we have endless me time now. So make the most of it because eventually things will get busy again and you’ll have to make time for me time.

6 Family Time

Anyone who knows me knows I’m big on family. Most of us don’t have the luxury of having all of our immediate family members living together or alive , but for those of us who do let’s make the most of them. Have a movie night , have a game night. You have time ! There is nothing more important than family.

7 Exercise

I’ve seen several memes suggesting that when persons come out of quarantine their summer bodies will be a thing of the past but I refuse to let that be me. It has been hard but I’d been forcing myself to make healthy eating choices and to maintain my workout regime though I’m stuck at home. I bought healthy quarantine snacks and have been drinking my water and working out on evenings and I plan to keep it up. So if you’re getting bored at home do a little 10 minute workout. It will make you feel and look better.

8 Sleep

Those who know me know that sleep comes to the top of my list of values. I really value my sleep and I’ve been getting in lots of sleep and now you have the chance too as well. I generally need 10 hours sleep per night to be my beautiful self but I’ve been glowing cause I’ve been getting way more than that. If you feel like you are losing it, take a deep breath , climb into bed and get some rest.

I know there are persons out there who can totally relate to this blog, and I know that most extroverts like me are creative and have already devised plans to survive this time of crisis and I know we will all make it and come out stronger than ever. But if you aren’t coping well, I hope one of these tips helped.

As always , Be safe , Please stay indoors and when you need to go outdoors please adhere to the rules of social distancing. We will come out of this pandemic stronger guys ! ✊🏾

Have a great day loves.

Don’t Give Up !

Good morning loves ,

This morning, like most mornings I woke to my alarm going off at 5:30 am. I reluctantly put it on snooze allowing myself 5 more minutes as I glare through my window to total darkness. How is it morning already I think to myself.

Eventually around 5:40. I’ll emerge from the safety of my bed, wake up my brother as his similar anguish gives me some form of temporary comfort and am ready by 5:45to go for my morning jog.

I’ve been doing this for over a month and I can’t say that it is getting easier. But I always get up. Even if I ignore my alarm for 30 minutes and crawl out of bed at 6. I still go for a jog. Even if I’m feeling ill , once I check my Fitbit and I have the slightest amount of competition or the other competitors or more than 1000 steps ahead or behind me , I get up.

This morning I left home around 5:48 am. I was cold and miserable and within the first couple minutes my feet were aching but when I looked at my brother. I just couldn’t stop. I had to keep going. I didn’t want him to lose out on his run because I was weak. So I turned up my Lizzo and pushed myself. Yes , I said it! I listen to Lizzo when I run because her music is very upbeat and inspirational for running.

I pushed and pushed and I made it way further than I usually do and than I had expected to make it. My brother even asked me at one point if I wanted to stop but I was adamant that I’m not ready to stop.

Eventually I slowed down and walked a bit. But I made it the entire 3K. I made it because I did not give up.

I’m feeling great and proud of myself and I just wanted to encourage anyone who may be reading this to do the same.

It may not be a morning jog like me. It may be your dream job or any job that you are applying for you may think you are under qualified or not capable of handling , but I urge you not to give up.

It may be a relationship that may not be going great right now but if you think he or she may be the one, Don’t give up.

It may be a task at work that you just can’t seem to complete! Today will be the day that you crush it , maybe you need a break or to tackle it from another angle. Don’t you dare give up!

It may be your dieting or weightloss journey. It may have been years since you started and you aren’t seeing the results you desire , Sis, if I haven’t given up that you surely can’t give up either!

We are in this to win it ! We are not giving up!

Have a great day loves and be blessed.

Stop kissing frogs and expecting them to turn into princes !

Good Morning loves ,

This topic came to me while scrolling through my Instagram stories and seeing the familiar rants of one verbal follower who always has “frog issues”. And then it hit me like a toothache you are never really prepared for. This could be my next blog topic…

Ladies , Ladies ! It’s is 2020 ! We are not wasting our time and energy on frogs!

We are not wasting our time on guys who don’t know what they want ;well I have a theory that they know what they want they just don’t want you sis, it’s time to wake up !

We are not wasting time on mumma’s boys. Let him be with his mumma and find yourself a prince who will make you his number one priority .

We are not wasting our time on f boys. Yes I said f boys because I don’t type expletives. But y’all know what I mean. Stop sleeping with these frogs ! It’s 2020 ! Get a damn toy or something !

I am no frog expert but my motto has always been time is money so don’t waste my time and by this I have managed to keep the frogs away for the most part. There are some frogs who put on some prince costumes sis.

Here are some guidelines to help you spot the frogs.

1. You cannot tell if he is interested

Sis ! It’s because he is not interested in you. Even if your dude is shy his actions will show that he is interested in being with you. When words fail actions will speak. And if his actions and words fail, Stop wasting your time on that frog !

2. You are always the one making plans and initiating conversation

Sis ! If he does not make plans with you , initiate conversation or return your calls or texts. He doesn’t want to talk to you. Stop waiting on a sign and stop bothering that frog he doesn’t want you.

3. He only calls you late in the night but is busy all day unless making plans to come over the night

Sis ! If you put those words together they spell booty call ! Block that frog !

4. You never have deep conversations with him. He never asks about you , your family or friends or anything much deeper than sex

Sis ! Do I really have to say it again ?!! He’s a f-f-f-f-frog !!!!!!

5. You know nothing about him but his damn name *wide eyed emoticon*

6. He keeps repeating the same mistakes and then keeps apologizing cause you keep taking him back

Well Sis , you are clearly happy with you frog ! I wish you the best.

7. He says he doesn’t do relationships but he likes hangingwith you.

I honestly believe that if he genuinely likes you a relationship will always be a possibility. I’ve known several guys who weren’t looking for relationships but got into a relationship with the next lady they dated after frogging one lady for years. Sis ! Let him go find the lady he wants to be with cause it clearly is not you !

8. If you guys never go out in public or when you do its some very secluded place or a drive thru window

Sis ! Quit frogging !

9. Your relationship is basically entirely based on sex

10. He flirts with other ladies infront if you

Sis ! If he does it to your face he clearly has no respect for you. He’s a frog I mean flirt !

Finally , if he looks like a frog , walks like a frog and talks like a frog. Do you really need to kiss him to confirm that he is a frog !

It’s 2020 Sis ! This is the year for Self Love ! Stop kissing that frog and go find your prince !

Have a great day loves ! Feel free to drop a comment or state whether you agree or disagree.

This is the year for Self Love !

Good morning loves ,

We’ve made it to a new year , a new decade, a new age ! This is the year for Self Love !

Persons will argue that Self Love is selfish and it is selfish to put everyone and everything after yourself. However , unless you love yourself first you will be incapable of loving others or being the best version of yourself for others.

Let us devote this year to loving ourselves more!Let us make self love our major goal this year!This year, let us unconditionally love and accept ourselves.

I want us to seriously work on ourselves.

I meet so many people who are broken ; who are still not over an ex ;who don’t feel like they deserve love ;who are so insecure they just take on the persona of whomever they date and sadly most of these persons I encounter are in relationships.

This is clearly problematic , well at least it is clear to me. It seems these classes of persons expect their partner to heal or fix them. They depend on the love in this relationship to help them get over the love they lost or they have no idea who they are or what they want so they just settle for whomever comes along. This is very toxic behavior and will almost never work in the long term. This is why it is so crucial that before you get into a relationship that you love yourself first. It all comes back to your concept of self. It all comes down to how much you love yourself.

If you love yourself, you won’t allow that ex to control you for the rest of your life;

If you love yourself you won’t let him or her abuse you whether physically or verbally ;

If you love yourself you won’t need your partner to help you get over him or her ;

If you love yourself you will be yourself instead of being who you think your partner wants you to be;

If you love yourself no one else will need to because you’ll be self sufficient and any love you encounter will be a choice and not a necessity. You won’t need love and therefore you will only give your love to those deserving.

With all that being said. Here are a few points to note on your self love journey.

1. You are worthy of Love ! Write it down , make it your screen saver , Stick a sticky note on your mirror ; do whatever it takes to remind yourself that You are worthy of Love!

2. You have to be selfish with your time and energy. When you are learning to love yourself you have to learn to say “NO”.

3. Date yourself! Do the things you love alone. Once you get comfortable going to movies , dinner or even the spa alone you’ll realize that a partner is an option not a necessity.

4. Love yourself unconditionally. Take a few moments a day. Look in the mirror. Take off your clothes and really spend some time looking at yourself. Look at your face , your body. Embrace every inch of you and smile and know that you are worthy of Love.

5. If you don’t love the way you look change it. It makes no sense being insecure about your weight or some other thing you can change like your hair. If you want to lose 20 lbs quit fretting and hit the gym. If you think your hair is dull get some highlights. If you hate your butt do some sqauts! This will also build your confidence , you’d be surprised how much a change of appearance can do for you.

6. Cut all negative ties! I don’t care if it’s a family member or a best friend. If people in your life are negative and make you feel insecure or unworthy ;Cut Them off ! If Granny has to go Granny has to go !

Finally , I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t spend time with love ones or friends but you have to invest more time in yourself. So if you spend 2 hours a day with them , I expect you devote 6 to 8 hours to loving yourself!

2020 is the year for Love ! Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place. Have a great day Loves. Love you all xoxo

2020 ! It’s about time !

2020 is here finally !

I began 2020 the same way I began 2019 hopeful and fighting sleep, cause y’all know I be knocked out by 9 pm most nights.

I know it’s usual for persons to make New Year resolutions because at the end of and old year the atmosphere is reflective and positive, but instead I want us to focus on the fact that in a few months it will be 2021 , then 2022, then 2023 and I’m sure by now you get the idea.

I recall 2 decades ago I was so excited as I awaited the dawn of the year 2000. Then I awaited 2010 , at which point I was in college.Somehow after College the years just flew by ;I honestly feel like since I finished College and started University the years just swept by without warning. Before I knew it I was awaiting a new decade and considering how I got to this point and how much further I need to go. Before , I know it I’ll probably be awaiting 2030 with similar sentiments.

The past years and decades I’ve learnt a lot but one extremely valuable lesson that I’ve learnt is that you should never allow anyone to waste your time. I often say “ Stop wasting my time” or “Time is money , so don’t waste my time” and you better believe I mean it.

I am telling you first hand that if you don’t make proper use of your time you’ll always be making the same resolutions year after year , you’ll find yourself dealing with the same issues and you’ll find yourself being left behind with the waves of change.

For 2020 , It’s time we all take stock of our lives and our time! It’s time to become selfish with your time ! Reclaim your time, wasted time is worst than wasted money. Let this year be the year you spend your time on the things and people who matter most.

And just like that I’m out of time. Goodnight loves !