Running free

When was the last time you ran in the rain ? I don’t mean ran out of the rain. I mean the last time you really let go and let down your hair and just took in the moment.

You’re probably thinking back to your childhood aren’t you ? And honestly I would have been too if I hadn’t decided to take a run today.

The experience was pretty amazing ! I felt free , liberated and exhilarated. The run in itself was beautiful and therapeutic. I felt like a little girl again ; I felt overly happy , free , untouchable as though nothing could bring me down.

I thought of why I haven’t feel this free in a while. Life happens and we grow up. We have adult obligations and we have little or no time to run in the rain or smell the roses.

I vowed in that moment that I will always make time to run in the rain. Not literally , but I will make time for the things that make me feel free and authentic. The things that make me smile and genuinely happy.

I hope you find those things that make you come alive, that make you smile and feel free. I wish you get to run in the rain.

In the words of Lee Ann Womack “ and when you get the choice to sit it out or dance … I hope you dance.”

Today , tomorrow , forever , I hope you dance.