Be Happy !

What makes you happy ?

I did a little research, i.e I googled the top things that make most people happy. Most studies on happiness confirm that family and relationships are the surest way to happiness. Following that was meaningful work and positive thinking.

Some find happiness in money and material possessions like their luxury cars or dream homes. They are those like myself who find sheer happiness in their ability to travel the world. Some find happiness in being surrounded by people while others find happiness in the silent moments when they are totally alone. Others find happiness in helping others, doing household chores or even in just exercsing (if I could only find happiness in this maybe I’d be in shape, lol).

Happiness is personal. 

What makes me happy won’t necessarily make you happy. A lesson I’ve learnt so many times. You guys don’t know this yet but I absolutely love karaoke. I truly believe I could be the next Whitney though I understand that everyone cannot appreciate my pure talent!

Likewise , I love moon gazing though most of my friends find it really boring and refuse to join me. One of my friends told me once that everytime she thinks about moon gazing she pictures me in a circle with weirdos singing Kumbaya. The sheer disrespect!

Personally, no one thing or person makes me happy. Icecream always makes my day , afternoon , evening or night but so do unexpected calls from friends I haven’t spoken to in a while. I love travelling and experiencing different cultures and this is just as fulfilling as game nights with family and friends.

Quality time with my family makes me especially happy as they are my everything but I’m also very happy just lying in bed blazing reggae music, which is what I’m doing right now.

I’ve learnt over the years that several things make me happy and I can’t attribute my happiness to any one thing. I also realised that I need to be happy with myself or nothing in this world will ever make me truly happy , they will all just be temporary fixes or moments of happiness but I’ll be left feeling empty when the music stops or when my friends leave.

This is a lesson that we all have to learn for ourselves. Too much of us look to things and people to determine our happiness. Lots of people allow a relationship to make them happy so when it ends or isn’t as fun they suddenly get sad and depressed. I’m not saying not to like or love people , but I am saying to NEVER allow another person to control your happiness.

Tonight, I want us all to stop for a second and think about this question. What makes you truly happy?

Take your time , take a notebook if need be, and find the thing or things that make you happy. Try as far as possible to do at least one of those things tommorow. If tommorow is not possible, make sure you find time during this week to do one thing that makes you truly happy.

Now I need you to do one more thing. Ask yourself, Am I happy?

I need you to be brutally honest with yourself. If your answer is Yes, that’s great , keep it up! But if your answer is No. Consider, what or who in your life is making you unhappy , and if you can’t get rid of it or them ; find a way to be happy despite it or them. I don’t care what it is ; be it a job , relationship or a dress you will never fit into again. Just get on with it and Be Happy!

Have a goodnight! And as far as possible, Be Happy!

2 thoughts on “Be Happy !

  1. Nice post here Friend. I have noticed that the 21st century idea of happiness is very shallow. People are happy when things are going the way that they want it to go, and when things do not go the way that they want, they suddenly become unhappy. We find happiness in things like looks, money, love, and in these other superficial things. The 21st century idea of happiness is not happiness to be honest. True happiness, one that can bring a smile to a person’s face every-time, that kind of happiness comes from God. God connects deeper than our skin, he connects to our soul. That divine connection has a lot of power and it brings a lot of fulfillment with it. There is a real joy that comes from knowing God, and being in the presence of the Father. God has a love that is not like anything that we have ever seen before, and in the presence of that love, there is peace, and there is happiness. For anyone looking for happiness, God is the way to go. If you do not yet have a relationship with him, I will suggest that you begin one. May God’s blessings be with you. ❤ ❤

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