It’s okay

I’ve restarted the gym for the third time this year and today totals one week I’ve been back, Yea me! I should be at a spin class this very moment but instead I’m sitting on my bed sipping juice from a wine class and watching lifetime. And that’s okay.

Before I would beat myself up and get annoyed about my lack of results. I’ve started and restarted diets more times than I can count. I’ve watched cheat meals which I usually have on Fridays turn into cheat weekends effortlessly. I’ve managed to remain pescatarian but have been struggling over the last month to become full vegetarian.

When I post I’m back on a new diet or back to the gym people literally message me and say ” Here we go again”. Even my boyfriend has given up on my dieting and often says “You’ve said this before” but nonetheless here I am another day, another diet TAKE 30!

Why am I telling you this? Simple!

I want everyone reading this to know that It’s okay.

Maybe you’re struggling to lose that last 10 lbs for the last 2 years and that’s okay.

Maybe you thought you’d be married by 25 and have 2 children by 30 but instead you’re broke , single and have 3 cats. That’s also okay.

Maybe you’re feeling lost and like nothing in your life is going as planned just take a break , maybe get a glass or wine or a scoop of icecream and take a deep breath love. It’s okay.

Maybe you just finished university or college. You have no idea what to do next or if you’ll even find a job. Just take a minute or a week to relax and gather your thoughts and guess what ?! We’ve all been there and it’s okay.

All of these things are okay.

It’s okay that I’m not at my goal weight. I’m actually so far from my goal weight that I can hear people singing ” To dream the impossible dream” in the background.

It’s okay that I don’t have my dream job or my own home as yet.

It’s okay that I’m not married or have children at 26. I mean children are expensive! I’m expensive! I can’t even afford my lifestyle! But some of my family and friends seem to think that should be my plan.

What’s not okay is letting persons or society pressure you into their norms or standards if you aren’t ready. You’re supposed to be working by 21, married by 25 and have children and a mortgage by 30 ?! Did I get it right? I’ll pass every single time. And that’s okay.

It’s really okay. You are in competition with no one but yourself. It’s your life and your story so write it, let no one guide your pen. You’re doing great and you will be fine.

Goodnight loves