Help! I’m allergic!

Who doesn’t love pineapples?

This delicacy has been my favourite fruit since I could feed myself.

I love pineapples in all forms :raw fruit, juice but especially in smoothies. I usually start my mornings with a strawberry pineapple or strawberry,banana and pineapple homemade smoothie which always guarantees I have a great day.

About a month ago I bought a strawberry pineapple smoothie from my favourite shake place and realised it made my throat itchy and lips sting and blister but I played it off as maybe it was an acid one and they had not added enough sugar.

The next week I made a smoothie at home using strawberries, bananas and canned pineapples with no added sugar , and a few blocks of ice. Immediately I realised my throat starting itching. At this point I convinced myself it was probably the preservatives in the can and it couldn’t possibly be the pineapple.

I even revisited the smoothie place and asked the lady if they used fresh pineapples as opposed to canned. She assured me they did. I reluctantly settled for a strawberry banana smoothie and mused over the fact that it was missing pineapple.

I stopped eating pineapples for about a week or two after that.

I had forgotten about my pineapple problem for a while until yesterday I purchased 2 bags of fresh sliced pineapple from a fruit vendor as I’m on a fruit cleanse and as soon as I bit into one and the sweetness ran down my lips; my tongue, throat and mouth began to tingle and itch and my lip ultimately got blistered and slightly swollen.

There it was, the seemingly undeniable truth that I am allergic to pineapples! But delusion is a stronger tool than we sometimes realise , so of course I finished the pineapple convincing myself it was a bit sour.

I ate the other pineapple this morning for breakfast and now it is very clear that I am allergic!

But how can this be ??!!

  1. Pineapple is my favourite fruit.
  2. I have been eating pineapples since I was a child.
  3. How am I now realising this allergy at 26 ?!
  4. This does not make any damn sense !
  5. I really love pineapples !
  6. Pineapple juice is also my favourite juice
  7. This is almost as bad as finding out I’m lactose intolerant and can’t consume icecream!
  8. My second favourite fruit is strawberry, but it can never compare to pineapple.
  9. This would mean no more pizza because what is pizza without pineapple.
  10. No more pina coladas??!!

After I was finished venting to my significant other who is always pretty calm in the midst of my adversity, He suggested that I stop eating pineapples immediately that it isn’t a joke. But what does he know?! Is he an allergy specialist??!

I am not being dramatic ! I am pretty crushed ! This is worst than finding out that there is no tooth fairy or santa clause for a child. Sorry if I spoiled that for you guys but I’m bitter.

This is like finding out you are adopted and suddenly you begin to question everything!I’m legit questioning if I could have possibly ignored warnings for all those years. I have prolly eaten pineapples 300 times out of the 365 in a year.

I don’t know who I am anymore!

I don’t know what to eat . I don’t know what to drink! I am so lost without pineapple.

I am hoping to take a short nap now and when I wake up this will all be a dream. But incase this isn’t a dream or some sick joke, What do I do?

Do I accept this to be my fate or Do I face it head on and say , Challenge accepted? lol

Have a great day loves! Please eat some pineapple while you can because someday you may wake up and have that luxury snatched away from you.

Be blessed!