2020 ! It’s about time !

2020 is here finally !

I began 2020 the same way I began 2019 hopeful and fighting sleep, cause y’all know I be knocked out by 9 pm most nights.

I know it’s usual for persons to make New Year resolutions because at the end of and old year the atmosphere is reflective and positive, but instead I want us to focus on the fact that in a few months it will be 2021 , then 2022, then 2023 and I’m sure by now you get the idea.

I recall 2 decades ago I was so excited as I awaited the dawn of the year 2000. Then I awaited 2010 , at which point I was in college.Somehow after College the years just flew by ;I honestly feel like since I finished College and started University the years just swept by without warning. Before I knew it I was awaiting a new decade and considering how I got to this point and how much further I need to go. Before , I know it I’ll probably be awaiting 2030 with similar sentiments.

The past years and decades I’ve learnt a lot but one extremely valuable lesson that I’ve learnt is that you should never allow anyone to waste your time. I often say “ Stop wasting my time” or “Time is money , so don’t waste my time” and you better believe I mean it.

I am telling you first hand that if you don’t make proper use of your time you’ll always be making the same resolutions year after year , you’ll find yourself dealing with the same issues and you’ll find yourself being left behind with the waves of change.

For 2020 , It’s time we all take stock of our lives and our time! It’s time to become selfish with your time ! Reclaim your time, wasted time is worst than wasted money. Let this year be the year you spend your time on the things and people who matter most.

And just like that I’m out of time. Goodnight loves !