This is the year for Self Love !

Good morning loves ,

We’ve made it to a new year , a new decade, a new age ! This is the year for Self Love !

Persons will argue that Self Love is selfish and it is selfish to put everyone and everything after yourself. However , unless you love yourself first you will be incapable of loving others or being the best version of yourself for others.

Let us devote this year to loving ourselves more!Let us make self love our major goal this year!This year, let us unconditionally love and accept ourselves.

I want us to seriously work on ourselves.

I meet so many people who are broken ; who are still not over an ex ;who don’t feel like they deserve love ;who are so insecure they just take on the persona of whomever they date and sadly most of these persons I encounter are in relationships.

This is clearly problematic , well at least it is clear to me. It seems these classes of persons expect their partner to heal or fix them. They depend on the love in this relationship to help them get over the love they lost or they have no idea who they are or what they want so they just settle for whomever comes along. This is very toxic behavior and will almost never work in the long term. This is why it is so crucial that before you get into a relationship that you love yourself first. It all comes back to your concept of self. It all comes down to how much you love yourself.

If you love yourself, you won’t allow that ex to control you for the rest of your life;

If you love yourself you won’t let him or her abuse you whether physically or verbally ;

If you love yourself you won’t need your partner to help you get over him or her ;

If you love yourself you will be yourself instead of being who you think your partner wants you to be;

If you love yourself no one else will need to because you’ll be self sufficient and any love you encounter will be a choice and not a necessity. You won’t need love and therefore you will only give your love to those deserving.

With all that being said. Here are a few points to note on your self love journey.

1. You are worthy of Love ! Write it down , make it your screen saver , Stick a sticky note on your mirror ; do whatever it takes to remind yourself that You are worthy of Love!

2. You have to be selfish with your time and energy. When you are learning to love yourself you have to learn to say “NO”.

3. Date yourself! Do the things you love alone. Once you get comfortable going to movies , dinner or even the spa alone you’ll realize that a partner is an option not a necessity.

4. Love yourself unconditionally. Take a few moments a day. Look in the mirror. Take off your clothes and really spend some time looking at yourself. Look at your face , your body. Embrace every inch of you and smile and know that you are worthy of Love.

5. If you don’t love the way you look change it. It makes no sense being insecure about your weight or some other thing you can change like your hair. If you want to lose 20 lbs quit fretting and hit the gym. If you think your hair is dull get some highlights. If you hate your butt do some sqauts! This will also build your confidence , you’d be surprised how much a change of appearance can do for you.

6. Cut all negative ties! I don’t care if it’s a family member or a best friend. If people in your life are negative and make you feel insecure or unworthy ;Cut Them off ! If Granny has to go Granny has to go !

Finally , I am not suggesting that you shouldn’t spend time with love ones or friends but you have to invest more time in yourself. So if you spend 2 hours a day with them , I expect you devote 6 to 8 hours to loving yourself!

2020 is the year for Love ! Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place. Have a great day Loves. Love you all xoxo

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