Don’t Give Up !

Good morning loves ,

This morning, like most mornings I woke to my alarm going off at 5:30 am. I reluctantly put it on snooze allowing myself 5 more minutes as I glare through my window to total darkness. How is it morning already I think to myself.

Eventually around 5:40. I’ll emerge from the safety of my bed, wake up my brother as his similar anguish gives me some form of temporary comfort and am ready by 5:45to go for my morning jog.

I’ve been doing this for over a month and I can’t say that it is getting easier. But I always get up. Even if I ignore my alarm for 30 minutes and crawl out of bed at 6. I still go for a jog. Even if I’m feeling ill , once I check my Fitbit and I have the slightest amount of competition or the other competitors or more than 1000 steps ahead or behind me , I get up.

This morning I left home around 5:48 am. I was cold and miserable and within the first couple minutes my feet were aching but when I looked at my brother. I just couldn’t stop. I had to keep going. I didn’t want him to lose out on his run because I was weak. So I turned up my Lizzo and pushed myself. Yes , I said it! I listen to Lizzo when I run because her music is very upbeat and inspirational for running.

I pushed and pushed and I made it way further than I usually do and than I had expected to make it. My brother even asked me at one point if I wanted to stop but I was adamant that I’m not ready to stop.

Eventually I slowed down and walked a bit. But I made it the entire 3K. I made it because I did not give up.

I’m feeling great and proud of myself and I just wanted to encourage anyone who may be reading this to do the same.

It may not be a morning jog like me. It may be your dream job or any job that you are applying for you may think you are under qualified or not capable of handling , but I urge you not to give up.

It may be a relationship that may not be going great right now but if you think he or she may be the one, Don’t give up.

It may be a task at work that you just can’t seem to complete! Today will be the day that you crush it , maybe you need a break or to tackle it from another angle. Don’t you dare give up!

It may be your dieting or weightloss journey. It may have been years since you started and you aren’t seeing the results you desire , Sis, if I haven’t given up that you surely can’t give up either!

We are in this to win it ! We are not giving up!

Have a great day loves and be blessed.