Stop kissing frogs and expecting them to turn into princes !

Good Morning loves ,

This topic came to me while scrolling through my Instagram stories and seeing the familiar rants of one verbal follower who always has “frog issues”. And then it hit me like a toothache you are never really prepared for. This could be my next blog topic…

Ladies , Ladies ! It’s is 2020 ! We are not wasting our time and energy on frogs!

We are not wasting our time on guys who don’t know what they want ;well I have a theory that they know what they want they just don’t want you sis, it’s time to wake up !

We are not wasting time on mumma’s boys. Let him be with his mumma and find yourself a prince who will make you his number one priority .

We are not wasting our time on f boys. Yes I said f boys because I don’t type expletives. But y’all know what I mean. Stop sleeping with these frogs ! It’s 2020 ! Get a damn toy or something !

I am no frog expert but my motto has always been time is money so don’t waste my time and by this I have managed to keep the frogs away for the most part. There are some frogs who put on some prince costumes sis.

Here are some guidelines to help you spot the frogs.

1. You cannot tell if he is interested

Sis ! It’s because he is not interested in you. Even if your dude is shy his actions will show that he is interested in being with you. When words fail actions will speak. And if his actions and words fail, Stop wasting your time on that frog !

2. You are always the one making plans and initiating conversation

Sis ! If he does not make plans with you , initiate conversation or return your calls or texts. He doesn’t want to talk to you. Stop waiting on a sign and stop bothering that frog he doesn’t want you.

3. He only calls you late in the night but is busy all day unless making plans to come over the night

Sis ! If you put those words together they spell booty call ! Block that frog !

4. You never have deep conversations with him. He never asks about you , your family or friends or anything much deeper than sex

Sis ! Do I really have to say it again ?!! He’s a f-f-f-f-frog !!!!!!

5. You know nothing about him but his damn name *wide eyed emoticon*

6. He keeps repeating the same mistakes and then keeps apologizing cause you keep taking him back

Well Sis , you are clearly happy with you frog ! I wish you the best.

7. He says he doesn’t do relationships but he likes hangingwith you.

I honestly believe that if he genuinely likes you a relationship will always be a possibility. I’ve known several guys who weren’t looking for relationships but got into a relationship with the next lady they dated after frogging one lady for years. Sis ! Let him go find the lady he wants to be with cause it clearly is not you !

8. If you guys never go out in public or when you do its some very secluded place or a drive thru window

Sis ! Quit frogging !

9. Your relationship is basically entirely based on sex

10. He flirts with other ladies infront if you

Sis ! If he does it to your face he clearly has no respect for you. He’s a frog I mean flirt !

Finally , if he looks like a frog , walks like a frog and talks like a frog. Do you really need to kiss him to confirm that he is a frog !

It’s 2020 Sis ! This is the year for Self Love ! Stop kissing that frog and go find your prince !

Have a great day loves ! Feel free to drop a comment or state whether you agree or disagree.

3 thoughts on “Stop kissing frogs and expecting them to turn into princes !

  1. Ha ha really funny post, but you have hit the nail on the head, even though I’m a bloke I never saw myself as a 🐸 although I may have been one once. Maybe next time when a woman says jump I will say how high..


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