How I Became Pescatarian.

Those who have been following my weight loss journey know that it’s been a long 2 years. It’s been 2 years of my weight fluctuating after I put on those 30extra pounds during law school.

About 2 years ago I decided I was focusing too much on weightloss and needed to focus on a healthier lifestyle. This realization came after a close relative was diagnosed with cancer and one of my closest friends was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

When I began my journey I was obsessed with weight loss , and even more obesesed with quick and easy weightloss. I tried tons of diets which made me lose weight quickly, sometimes in as little as three (3) days but the weight would return as soon as I went back to my regular eating habits.

I began doing tons of research on both areas and realized that these non communicable diseases like most others can sometimes be attributed to diet and lifestyle. I noticed certain things in my diet that could lead to these types of diseases and immediately decided a lifestyle change was needed . I gradually cut all meat except fish out of my diet. On July 6th 2018 , I became fully pescatarian.

I also cut a lot of the junk food out of my diet and started a more organic diet consisting mostly of fruits and vegetables. I also limited my use of flour and if I do use it , it’s whole-wheat or multigrain. I cut a lot of sugar out of my diet and my sugar intake generally comes from fruits or all natural fruit smoothies.

Early last year I tried to go vegan ‘cold turkey’ and lasted about three (3) days before feeling really ill. I was unprepared and had not done adequate research to make such a drastic change.

I stuck with being pescatarian for the remainder of the year. This year I decided I wanted to become vegan and I was going to do it before my next birthday. At the beginning of last month I cut dairy out of my diet completely after several attempts this year. I am currently trying vegan dishes so that when I cut fish out of my diet I already have dishes that I will enjoy. I plan to completely cut fish out of my diet at the beginning of July. So stay tuned.

So to make a long story short ; After two years of crazy dieting, I’ve been losing weight and maintaining my weight not by dieting but by simply loving myself enough to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

For those who may be wondering if I miss meat. Absolutely not ! I honestly believe I’d become ill if I attempted to eat meat at this stage. I am extremely turned off by the smell of meat and have decided that meat tops the list of things that have no place in my body.

I love the pescatarian lifestyle , and so far the vegan lifestyle, as I have basically started already since I only have fish on the weekend as I transition into full veganism.

Since I started this lifestyle. I feel healthier, I feel fitter and I’m honestly happier. Since I changed to a healthier lifestyle I’m usually more energetic after meals and pumped for my morning jogs and evening workouts.

I am not trying to convert anyone to my new found love for veganism. But this year is about self love, and because I love myself I refuse to be a slave to my body or my poor eating habits of the past. I hope that I may have touched or encouraged someone to make healthy eating choices too , even if it’s as simple as substituting a snicker bar for a bar of granola.

As always, be blessed and have a great day loves. xoxo

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