2020 isn’t over yet !

2020 is not over yet !

It’s only May. It’s only the 5th month. We still have 7 months left to make a come back !

I acknowledge that this has been a rough year thus far for a lot of persons. We are living in the midst of a pandemic. I know a lot of persons are unemployed , stressed , low on funds , maybe just feeling a bit depressed.

But if you are reading this; you have life and that means there is hope! It is time to wake up , take off those sweats, shower , put on something cute and make a plan!

You’re probably thinking, it’s easier said than done right ?! Wrong. It can be easily done , but you have to make the first step!

Regardless of how dire your situation, how depressed you may feel or how high the bills may have piled. The fact that you are alive is proof that you a survivor. You can and will survive this !

Last week I posted this meme …

As I looked at my vision board and goals board this morning this definitely rang true. This year has not been going as planned.

I recall at the beginning of the year how thrilled I was to start a new decade. Then Covid-19 came in like a great wrecking ball and just turned the entire world into chaos. It has definitely been the greatest nightmare of my life and the lives of many others.

But when I look at my goals board I don’t think to myself “ damn I didn’t accomplish number 3 or 4 by March , so I’ll give up on the other 15 goals”. I see it as a challenge to be conquered. I am willing and ready to take on whatever else 2020 has in store.

I will not surrender ! I will not give up ! No weapon or pandemic formed against me shall prosper! I will finish this year strong !

Guess what ? You can do the same !

I hope this inspired someone today to get up and fight. 2020 is not over, It has only just begun!

Have a great day and a great remainder of the year ! Be blessed ! Finish the year strong !