2020 is still our year !

This morning I woke up feeling down , I sat on my bed for a couple minutes trying to find the energy to get my butt up and get ready for work.

I eventually ended up crawling back into bed and scrolling through some old photos, I eventually came across my photos from January 1st 2020. As I stared at the pictures I immediately began to feel motivated; for starters , I am significantly slimmer than I was when I started the year , 20 lbs lighter to be exact 🙂.

I also noticed the genuine joy and anticipation on my face as I eagerly awaited 2020! I guess most of us felt that way. It was going to be the dawn of a new day , a new age , a new decade !

And it was !

It was also the dawn of an unprecedented year for all of us , but if you’re reading this that means you’re still alive and if you’re still alive that means there’s hope and with hope comes endless possibilities.

This is your timely reminder that 2020 is not over yet ! It’s far from over !

With 4 months , 112 days , 16 hours left in this year I want to urge you to keep going ! You can still finish the year strong 💪🏾

I know you may not have achieved all of the goals you set this year , maybe you’re way off the mark , but I want you to focus on just one major goal and dedicate the remainder of this year to achieving it ! That goal is totally up to you ! Instead of finding all the reasons why you can’t , focus on the reasons why you can.

Ask yourself ! What can I do today that will make my year better ? When you answer this question , Get up and go get it !

I believe in you , You’ve got this !

Let’s finish 2020 strong 💪🏾

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  1. Your very ambitious young lady I’m very proud of you and have a good sense off humor l love when you come by and we have our little chat continue to put God first in everything and He’ll see you through God bless 🙏

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