I’m 28 today y’all and this year I think I’ll share a little bit more about myself. So without further ado , here it is.

1. I am a Seventh- day Adventist Christian and I take my religion very seriously.

2. Family means the world to me. When I say “Family First” it is no joke.

3. I am in a relationship. I however keep my relationship private since it’s not anyone’s business but ours. But if you know you know.

4. My best friend is my brother. Has always been and will always be. We are the definition of Day 1’s ; We’ve been riding together from the time we were wearing pampers.

5. Stop asking me about children ! It is not a priority for me right now , nor does it fit into my plan. You need to be fruitful before you multiply !

6. I love travelling.

7. I love scrapbooking and journaling.

8. I am a self professed event planner/co-ordinator. I dare you to find someone who plans a better game or date night than I do.

9. I’m a guy’s girl. I don’t have a lot of female friends ; about 4 to be exact and I love it that way. It honestly saves me a lot of drama.

10. I am extremely extroverted. I therefore connect with people easily and have meaningful conversations with people I will probably not encounter again. I look forward to this , especially when I travel.

11. When I Love , I Love hard ! Whether it’s my family , friends or my significant other. Just know if you’re in my circle you’re loved.

12. I am a self professed poet.

13. I am currently working on a novel. Shhh 🤫

14. I am Vegan.

15. I love Reggae and Gospel.

16. I would quit my job as an attorney to become a writer in a heartbeat but my passion needs funding.

17. I am one of the founders and the current president of The Love Prints Charity.

18. I love older people. I especially enjoy their stories and I used to volunteer at a Senior Citizens Home pre Covid. I’m saddened that I can’t see them anymore but obviously I understand why.

19. I never edit or read over my blogs. I get so excited when I’m done one that I just post it. That’s why there will probably be typos. Don’t judge me.

20. I don’t like water. Yep ! I said what I said.

21. I finally lost some of the weight I’ve been struggling with. Only 18 more lbs to go.

22. I am patiently waiting for my Eiffel Tower kiss.

23. I cry at sad movies and I probably always will.

24. I beat my pineapple allergy.

25. I totally believe what Philippians 4:13 says. I literally believe that there is nothing I cannot achieve with God’s help.

27. I recently started hiking and I love it !

28. I am thankful and blessed to be able to see yet another birthday.

I know I’m going to have a great day because I have plans with my friends and family all day. I hope you guys have a good one too.

As always be blessed. Love y’all xoxo

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  1. I am so proud of you and your vegan journey. Continue to follow your dreams with all your heart and soul. I want to know how you beat your pineapple allergy.

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